Young Against Pain (YAP)


Young Against Pain (YAP) project has been founded in 2013, through an unconditioned grant of Grunenthal Italy. The idea of the project is to favour the research in Italy of young clinicians (younger than 40 y) and scientists helping to link different groups coming from different specialties and interests. The project is a call for the best 30 research projects looking especially for multidisciplinary and innovative projects. In order to not select only people from the more known and skilled centers, the evaluation is based on the evaluation of the research idea more than on their CV. Usually the grants select people according to their CV and publications. In this project we gave less value to publications and CV in order to select also Young researcher that are not well structured in well known centers but who are really promising The award for the selected researcher is to create occasion to stay al together in 2 meeting each year in order to present each research interest and find the way to create a link together. The researcher selected has also the possibility to interact with the scientists of the advisory board in order to be supervised for their project. All the selected people has also the possibility to participate free of charge to all SIMPAR meeting and activities. In addition, the three best researcher (1 from basic science and 2 from clinics) are awarded with the opportunity to participate to annual IASP or EFIC meeting (this year the 3 best researchers will attend to IASP meeting in Japan). The project has permitted to select 90 young scientists and clinicians (younger than 40 y). This network has already obtained several publications, some new research project and two proposals to Italian Health and University Ministry. Furthermore, the success of the project has been certified by the huge number of the project received each year (in the 3 years we received more than 130 projects).