The Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health (CMH-Malta)


The Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health promotes and safeguards the rights of persons suffering from a mental disorder and their caregivers. It is responsible for the establishment of the necessary organisational structures and technical infrastructure to ensure the prompt implementation of the provisions of the new Mental Health Act which has been enacted on the 10th October 2013.
 The main functions of the office include:
promoting and protecting the rights and interests of persons with mental disorders and their carers; 
- influencing legislation and policies for the safeguarding of these rights and interests; 
- receiving complaints and queries and take the necessary actions; 
- investigating alleged breach of rights and interests; 
- developing and fostering partnerships with all relevant stakeholders including policy makers, public and private entities, patient representative groups and related non-governmental organizations; 
- increasing the awareness and knowledge of the general public about mental health and persons with mental health disorders.
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