Study In Multidisciplinary Pain Research (SIMPAR)


SIMPAR has been founded by Dr Massimo Allegri in 2008. It is a research group whose purpose is to link basic and clinical science obtaining a multidisciplinary approach for a translational and personalized pain medicine. In the Scientific Committee there are some of the most recognized scientists and physicians about acute and chronic pain: Prof Giorgio Cruccu (La Sapienza Rome University, Italy), Prof Jose De Andrés (Universidad de Valencia, Spain), Prof Troels Jensen (Aarhus University, Denmark), Prof Patricia Lavand’homme (Université Catholique Bruxelles, Belgium), Prof Luda Diatchenko, Prof Juan Asenjo, Dott Pablo Ingelmo and Prof Inna Belfer (all these scientists from McGill University, Canada), Prof Ed Mariano (Stanfrod University, USA), Dr Vijaya Gottomukkala and Juan Cata (MD Andesron Univesrity, USA), Dr Christopher Gharibo (New York Langone Medical Center, USA). SIMPAR group purposes are favouring international translational studies.

Currently the group has published more than 20 articles in peer reviewed Journals and organises international meetings since 2008.