Sociedad Andaluza de Geriatría y Gerontolgía (SAGG)


The goals of this Society are:

  1. To promote the current knowledge of the human ageing process, by means of clinic observation and research which may be performed upon living organisms, as well as socioeconomic researches.
  2. To gather researchers and clinicians studying aging problems in order to connect them to the International Society of Gerontology.
  3. To direct and assess problems related to medical and social welfare services concerning aging.
  4. To conduct campaigns on protection and prevention of aging and aimed at improving the quality of life of elderly people.
  5. To design and promote trainings and continuing education on aging sciences.
  6. To use possibilities granted by new information and communication technologies.
  1. Societal Impact of Pain (SIP)
  2. Sociedad Andaluza de Geriatría y Gerontolgía (SAGG)