Sant Joan de Deu Hospital


Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital has opened an innovative line to incorporate the program “Hospital without pain in minor procedures” as cures, punctions or the withdrawal of catheter. The objective is to prevent and minimize the pain and discomfort in children when they are subjected to potentially painful clinical procedures.

The program includes a wide range of pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods adapted to each child.

  1. The administration of analgesics such as ointments, syrups, drops...
  2. The effectiveness of distraction as a powerful tool to combat the fear and pain, by “Kit
    distraction”: and so to direct attention away from the pain and focus on pleasing elements.
    Everything is useful: talk to the kid, singing pampered.
  3. The presence of parents: Family are actively involved and present during the procedures. Health
    professionals encourage parents to hold their children with comfort positions, to facilitate the
    development of the procedure and combat anxiety of the patient, family and professionals.
  4. The positive reinforcement: Reinforcing positive behaviour of the child is essential to streamline
    procedures and achieve the objectives of reducing pain and anxiety during procedure
  • The children’s game and other strategies provide relaxation and adaptation in the children
    for minor procedures
  • Increase good relation with patients and families
  • The patients feel real stars
  • Minor procedures are more successful when use holistic treatments
  • Hospital works transversely through a network of professionals who help to meet the needs
    of patients and work initiatives proposed
  • Professionals use a language adapted to age and procedures of children
  • Professionals have training programs to increase knowledge
  • The Professionals systematically apply all the resources available to assess whether patients
    are suffering pain
  • Pain can occur in any process not only in the more complex intervention