Pain Alliance Europe (PAE)


PAE is a pan-European umbrella organisation of 40 national and regional associations in 17 EU member states representing over 400,000 individual chronic pain patients.  

For PAE, quality of life for a chronic pain patient means giving the patient the right to choose the best possible solutions and support to live his life according to his possibilities and wishes. It aims to promote awareness for chronic pain, to promote a European policy on chronic pain and to reduce the impact of chronic pain on the European society on all areas.


PAE’s vision is to create a Europe in which chronic-pain patients can have access, without any boundaries, to the best possible treatment for them.

Mission and objectives

  • To improve the quality of life of people living with pain in Europe.
  • To have chronic pain recognised as a disease in its own right.
  • To raise awareness of pain in all areas.
  • To promote research into all aspects of pain such as medical, social, psychological and economical.
  • To provide a voice for pain at European level through clinicians, scientists, policymakers and politicians.

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