OSAKIDETZA - Departemento de la Salud del Gobierno Vasco


Osakidetza (Servicio Vasco de Salud/Basque Health System) is the public healthcare system of the Basque Country, a region located in the north of Spain. Osakidetza was created by the Health Department of the Basque Government in 1983. All the public hospitals and primary care of the Basque Region are under this organization.

The Health Department has the commitment and the obligation to ensure the health of all people. To this day, they manage their system with responsibility and efficiency to guarantee the health care of all the people who live in Euskadi and to safeguard the sanitary system as a public, universal and quality system.
They act on all the determinants of health by developing policies and projects of promotion and prevention and work in a transversal way with the rest of the Basque Government and institutions.

The Basque Health System includes 14 hospitals, more than 100 primary care clinics organised through four different geographical areas, apart from the Mental Health Centres, Emergencies and Basque Transfusions and Human Tissue Centre. More than 30.000 professionals work for Osakidetza, which could be considered the biggest organization of the Basque Country.

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  2. OSAKIDETZA - Departemento de la Salud del Gobierno Vasco