Finnish Muscoloskeletal Association (TULE)


Musculoskeletal Association (MSDS) has been established in 2000 and is a national organisation of member communities, which cooperate to promote the health and function of musculoskeletal (MSDS) disorders and the resulting problems. The members of the community are 16 national health and education institutions, civil society, patients, experts and professional organisations, with a total of around 57 000 People.

The Union contributes to the reduction of MSDS by implementing the national support and physical activity programme, by supporting national and regional health promotion activities under the healthcare law, and by pursuing a wide range of organisations to reduce public health problems related to MSDS and common risk factors for other diseases. The association gathers, modifies and transmits up-to-date information on MSDS and their prevention and treatment to policymakers, experts, member communities and the general public.

Up to 1.7 million Finns suffer from long-term musculoskeletal problems. The cost of musculoskeletal problems for Finland is estimated in a range from around 3 to 4 billion. And they also threaten to grow strongly in the near future. They cause most absencenteeism from work and are the second biggest cause of invalidity pensions. The cost of sickness allowances for musculoskeletal disorders alone was approximately EUR 260 million in 2017.


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