Association Française de Lutte Anti-Rhumatismale (AFLAR)


French League Against Rheumatism

Association Française de Lutte Anti-Rhumatismale (AFLAR) was founded in 1928. For more than 80 years AFLAR has acted to achieve the major objectives of the fight against rheumatism:

- raise general awareness to inform about the impacts of such diseases beyond clichés;
- carry out a better knowledge on RMDs, their care, their prevention and the state of research;
- improve the quality of care by transmitting savoir-faire and ensuring health professionals training;
- help patients live better with the disease and be part of the health process;
- bring patients to become actors of their own care and implicate them in the reflection about health policies;
- allow for equal access to care for each and every patient suffering from RMDs;
- make governments and decision-makers fully understand and realize the human, social and economical weight of RMDs;
- improve social care and the resources for prevention and research.
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