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In this section, national initiatives which have been set up in Spain can be found.

Report about a new pediatric pain research project in Reus, Spain

The ALGOS research group and Fundación Grünenthal’s URV Chair of Children's Pain are carrying out research in the 40 primary and secondary schools of the city of Reus, collecting information from all children from 10 to 17 years old, as well as their families. In doing so, they want to develop new treatments to improve the quality of life of the children who suffer chronic pain.

The research group ALGOS and the Chair of Pain Grünenthal -Fundación Children URV set up an epidemiological study on childhood pain. This study is a continuation of another one with similar characteristics that ALGOS published ten years ago. The goal is to collect information in order to develop new treatments which improve the quality of life of children suffering from chronic pain. Moreover, attempts to gather information to develop programs to facilitate secondary prevention of chronic pain.

This work will begin in early April. This is a longitudinal epidemiological study with waves of data collection. "We intend to keep this study in time while resources will allow. We want to become a useful tool for all researchers who are interested in improving the quality of life of young people with pain”, explains Dr. Jordi Miró, ALGOS Group coordinator and director of the Chair of Pain Grünenthal Foundation-Children URV.

The research will be conducted in 40 primary schools and secondary schools in the city of Reus and involves gathering information from all children from 10 to 17 years attending school in the town of Reus, approximately 10,500 students, as well as the parents and / or guardians of these students. This information will be collected through surveys.

The epidemiological study is a pioneer in the region: "There are very few studies in the world like this. We need to predict which children are at risk of developing chronic pain, and to design prevention programs promoted from primary care. "If you have success with this initiative, we hope it will contribute significantly to improve the health of this this population and reduce the treatment costs related to chronic pain”, says the Doctor.

According to the Vice President for University and Society of the URV, Jordi Tous, this is an example that "put knowledge available to society, promoting and releasing the conclusions in the nearest environment. Sometimes you need the financial support of companies who believe in the impact of social problems and rely on us signing agreements to finance these activities."

Councilor for Education and Language Policy of the City of Reus, Dolores M. Sarda, added that "the City Council of Reus considers very appropriate that one of the areas with the greatest academic roots in the city, the Medicine, could create a symbiosis with the earliest stages of education, working for a project with a significant social return".

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Short Info

SIP Spain was successfully launched on June 26th 2018 in Spain after several patient organisations and clinical experts came together with representatives from the Ministry of Health and three other regional communities.

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