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Pain in National Chronic Disease Strategy

Well-known professionals supported the inclusion of the improvement of pain in the National Chronic Diseases Strategy

  • Plataforma SinDOLOR organizes its IV Interautonomic Meeting in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Health, under the title “Pain in the Chronicity Strategies”
  • Well-known professionals from all health areas in Spain have supported the inclusion of the improvement of pain in the National Chronic Diseases Strategy

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Plataforma SinDOLOR (NoPAIN Platform) organized its IV Interautonomic Meeting in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Health on November 23th under the title “Pain in the Chronicity Strategies”. During the meeting health managers, clinicians and pharmacists have shared both the analysis of the needs and their suggestions for improvements to the patients care with pain in the regional health services.

Following the publication of the Management of Chronic Diseases Strategy of the Spanish Ministry of Health in October, the meeting “Pain in the Chronicity Strategies” was held. This has been a starting point to make pain become a priority for the Spanish Health Authorities, both national and regional.

During this meeting, the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products, presented the upcoming Royal Decree which updates the narcotic drugs prescription and dispensation, for both human and veterinary use. This measure will reduce the difficulties in prescribing of these kinds of drugs (such as Palexia), making access to these treatments easier for patients.

All speakers were well known experts from different health areas, what has allowed to have a deep vision and the widest possible knowledge of the situation, as well as different points of view. On the other hand all of them agreed that these changes are a great improvement in the management of patients who suffer from pain in Spain.

As an example, Dr. Víctor Mayoral, Secretary of the Spanish Pain Society, Secretary of the Spanish Pain Society, considered pain management as a key in addressing the pain chronicity strategy and stressed the need for simplifying the prescription “in order to give physicians more time to inform their patients about the characteristics, side effects and advantages of the treatment with narcotics”.

Dr. Manuel Ollero, Director of the Andalusia Attention to Chronicity Plan, stressed that before the great challenge posed by demographic changes in Spain for being one of the most aged countries in the world, is key "intervention in multiple systems to achieve relevant clinical and functional results. In this regard, said that the National Strategy for Chronicity focusses on people and not on diseases. It also assures the leadership of Primary Care.
Here you can read Dr. Ollero's PPT-Presentation.

Mercedes Carreras, Subdirector of the Development and Security Assistance of the Galician Health Service, explained that all the models that are being considered at the regional and national levels "have two common objectives: to get informed patients capable co-responsibility for their health and to establish programs that promote self-care. She also pointed out that this strategy is helping develop a National Network of School of Patients and Citizens in which Galicia is collaborating actively.
Here you can find M. Carreras PPT-Presentation.

This meeting has been, without a doubt, one of the most important actions held by the Plataforma SinDOLOR, as it has signified the collaboration and commitment of the Ministry of Health to place chronic pain in a privileged position within the Spanish Strategy for Chronicity.
Please find here the PPT-Presentation of Xavier Gomezbatiste.

About Platform SinDOLOR

SinDOLOR Platform is an initiative launched in October 2008 by FUINSA (Foundation for Health Research) and Grünenthal Foundation, with the goal of improving patient care with pain and their relatives. The Platform aims to raise awareness throughout health structures and society about the importance of pain to the sufferer, coordinating actions of support and encouragement to carry out initiatives to improve the current situation.

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SIP Spain was successfully launched on June 26th 2018 in Spain after several patient organisations and clinical experts came together with representatives from the Ministry of Health and three other regional communities.

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