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In this section, national initiatives which have been set up in Portugal can be found.

National Program for Pain Management

The National Program for Pain Management emerged from the need to define new objectives and new operational strategies, as a follow-up to the NPFAP and using the experience gained so far. Hence, in order to obtain epidemiologic knowledge on pain and its distribution in the Portuguese population, to reinforce the organizational capacity of health care service providers, and to improve best practice models regarding pain management, this new National Program for Pain Management should be developed through the implementation, at national, regional, and local levels, of new strategies for intervention, professional development, and data collection and analysis.

Further Information and the full document can be found here.

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Short Info

A group of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals and a group of patient representatives have met in June and July to identify relevant topics for SIP in Portugal. Both groups will now work together on their common priorities “Pain and Work” and “Awareness on Pain”.


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