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In this section, national initiatives which have been set up in Malta can be found.

EU Civic Prize - Newly developed application for chronic low back pain innovation

EU Civic Prize - Good Practice Number 1 (see Abstract and Background book for SIP 2017, page 214)

Category: Clinical Practices

04/2015 – 05/2016 Objectives

  1. To design a patient-centered smartphone application serving as a pain assessment tool with the main function of recording and tracking pain.
  2. To create a functional application that is feasible for both the patient and the health care professional.
  3. To scientifically evaluate the validity, reliability and usability of the application.


After testing the application and comparing it to the NRS, it was found to be a valid and reliable tool as all the participants showed a positive attitude towards the usability of the application. The researcher acknowledges that generalizations should not be made and though the application worked in these restricted circumstances, results may vary with other conditions. The researcher also recognizes that the application is still in its prototypical stage so further developments would be required. Nonetheless, the results obtained show a great potential and a satisfactory proof- of- concept. Ultimately, the aim of creating a Smartphone based application that is valid, reliable and usable was reached. Hence, within these restricted parameters, the presented hypothesis of no statistical difference between the application and the NRS can be supported.

Information about Good Practice Applicant

Jake Fenech Undergraduate Student University of Malta, Faculty of Health Sciences

She is a physiotherapy student currently in her final year of studies to graduate as a physiotherapist. As part of her final year, she performed a study on chronic pain patients with satisfactory results.

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Short Info

SIP Malta was launched in July 2016 at a kick-off meeting with the main goal to establish a platform whereby the societal impact of pain is discussed and championed at all levels of Maltese society.


HCPs Contact:
Mario Grixti

Patients Contact:
Gertrude Buttigieg

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