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Workshop 6: Swedish Pain Register

Marcelo Rivano-Fischer – Swedish Pain Society, Sweden

Swedish Pain Society, founded in 1995, developed out of the need expressed by pain professionals to have a clinical forum as well as a forum for discussions about pain research and their implications for clinical practice. Originally embracing clinicians and clinical researchers from several professions such as medical sciences, allied sciences, physiotherapy, nursing, behavioural sciences and occupational therapy, the Swedish Pain Society is now expanding to include paediatric pain professionals, oral surgery and basic pain researchers.

The society collaborates with several institutions, mainly in the realm of pain education, its own national meeting usually takes place in October each year attracting of about 300-400 pain expert delegates. The mission of the Swedish Pain Society is to promote co-operation and development for pain diagnosis, pain management, rehabilitation, pain and clinical pain activities in Sweden and to promote advocacy regarding the treatment of pain and clinical pain problems.

The Swedish Pain is intended to be an association with a multi-disciplinary and a multi-professional approach to members of professional associations with the primary purpose to provide a forum for discussion, exchange of experiences with both academic and practical, clinical basic orientation. Another intention is co-ordination and organisation of teaching efforts. The main activities of the Swedish Pain Society are:

  • to promote scientific development in the field of pain and to promote interest in pain in the Swedish Health Care system;
  • to help develop, broaden and deepen people’s understanding of pain. In doing so, the knowledge of both disease and health processes are taken into consideration. These principles should be applied in order to optimise work for the prevention of pain and good pain relief of symptoms, pain management and understanding of pain problems;
  • to develop multi-disciplinary and multi-professional oriented projects with practical and clinical application in clinical work, method development and training;
  • to promote interdisciplinary training programs and publications aimed at improving the understanding and treatment of patients with multi-factorial pain problems;
  • to organize meetings and scientific conferences in which interdisciplinary thinking in the field of pain is conveyed;
  • to encourage the introduction of a uniform classification, nomenclature and definition regarding pain and pain syndromes;
  • to encourage the development of a national data bank with the intent to support the development of a uniform system of records concerning pain mechanisms, pain syndromes and pain management;
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