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Video Statement of Nevenka Krčevski Škvarč - SIP 2019

Nevenka Krčevski Škvarč – Slovenia

Nevenka Krčevski Škvarč is one of the Initiators of SIP Slovenia, which has been established in 2019.

She talks about the first national SIP meeting in Slovenia in 2011 where they already discussed SIP in National Council of the Republic of Slovenia. Nevenka K. Škvarč shared what challenges they faced in creating a national plan for chronic pain treatment and how the initiative has made progress in 8 years until its official launch in October 2019.

Nevenka Krcevski Škvarc presented a poster at the SIP national platforms session (No 7. SIP Slovenia - EXPERIENCES FROM A SIP NATIONAL PLATFORM IN SLOVENIA).

Have a look at the impressions and the program of the SIP 2019 Symposium on 7 November 2019 in Brussels.

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