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Social Impact of Pain (SIP) Stakeholder Group

In 2017, the European Commission’s has taken the decision to dedicate an Expert Group to the ‘social impact of pain’, and communicated this during the SIP Symposium in Malta, June 2017 and in October the Social Impact of Pain (SIP) Expert Group has been launched. 

Then in 2018, the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) Expert Group has been selected as one of three Thematic Networks on the EU Health Policy platform which has been a major milestone achievement of the SIP platform since its start in 2009.You can find and read more about this here.

After the closing webinar of the Thematic Network programm in January 2019, the SIP Stakeholder Group on the HPP platform will continue its collaboration on the EU Health Policy Platform. Please join this Stakeholder Group!


What is the EU Health Policy Platform (explained by Ingrid Keller in an interview)?

The EU Health Policy Platform (HPP) is an interactive tool to boost discussions about EU public health concerns, share knowledge and good practices. The HPP invites public health stakeholders to exchange with others, pool expertise in joint statements and disseminate actions among a wide audience. It is a collaborative online tool to ease communication between the European Commission services and health-related interest groups.

The HPP has three pillars: the Web Platform, the EU Health Award and one physical meeting per year. The Web Platform hosts the “Agora network”, an open discussion area accessible to all registered stakeholders. Users can benefit from posting news, creating opinion polls, sharing upcoming events and storing documents, among other features. The Web Platforms also hosts other groups namely:

  • Thematic Networks: they are accessible to all registered users. These temporary networks facilitate the drafting of joint statements by stakeholders. The Societal Impact of Pain platform was one of the 2018 Thematic Networks.
  • Commission and Member State led networks: created in response to policy decisions, implementation of Commission’s initiatives such as health programmes, joint actions, expert groups, cooperation with International Organisations, etc.
  • Stakeholder Networks: they are networks approved by the Commission created in response to a direct request from stakeholders, on a specific key health policy area. The network’s aim is to help group members to interact and to provide them with a forum to continue their discussions between physical meetings. The Societal Impact of Pain platforms manages a stakeholder group on this issue.

Users receive a bi-weekly newsletter gathering all information shared on the Agora network, and a restricted section visible only to members of networks. Webinars on key EU initiatives are organised on a regular basis by the European Commission, Member States and stakeholders. Information on upcoming webinars is posted on the Agora network.

More information on the Thematic Network can be found here:

- Video of the first and second webinar

- Current version of Joint Statement and Framing Paper

- Feedback from Ingrid Keller and John F. Ryan about SIP as part of the TN Programm



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