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SIP Focus Group 2 - Result from Discussion


During SIP 2013 Focus Group 2, which took place in the European Parliament, Brussels, on 15 May, the "SIP Proposal for Action: Using European Best Practices for the Reintegration of Chronic Pain Patients into the Workforce" was discussed. The Proposal for Action is based upon key success factors from five national best practice projects from different EU countries. Amongst others, the group calls upon European governments to take into account:

1. Strong, early involvement of stakeholders […] to ensure a holistic and collaborative approach towards the successful implementation of future projects.
2. Development of guidelines for healthcare professionals […]
3. Development and implementation of chronic pain patient education programmes and chronic pain patient activity/work programmes […]
4. Continuous monitoring/governance and evaluation systems […] and risk-management procedures to ensure consistent, quality outcomes.

  1. Societal Impact of Pain (SIP)
  2. SIP Focus Group 2 - Result from Discussion