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SIP Belgium has released a national SIP Joint Statement

SIP National, Belgium

SIP Belgium has released a national SIP Joint Statement, explaining their goal to achieve better pain care and pain managament and to improve the (re)integration of pain patients in the workforce and society by developing and presenting multi-stakeholder recommendations to policy makers.

A multistakeholder start-up team will help bridge the SIP EU and SIP BE projects. It is composed by the Belgian Pain Society (BPS), the Flemish Patient Platform, the National Federation of Indepenent Health Insurance Funds (MLOZ), the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV), the European Pain Federation (EFIC) and Grunenthal.

In line with the work done by the SIP (Europe) Platform, SIP BE wants to improve care and pain Management in Belgium, with a special focus on employment (re)integration. This is also relevant for other SIP national platforms, which want to follow the example of SIP Belgium and SIP Portugal to draw up a national Joint Statement and Framing Paper. Next steps for SIP Belgium will be to seek endorsement for their Joint Statement by national organisations.

Please find the Belgian Framing Paper summary attached to this article.

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