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SIP 2019: Marketplace

On 7th November 2019 in the Concert Noble in Brussels, a SIP 2019 "Marketplace" was held during the SIP 2019 Symposium. This was an informal area where our SIP partners and stakeholders presented their materials and got in contact with other participants. All presented topics related to the Societal Impact of Pain and other pain related initiatives.

Many SIP endorsing organisations took part at the Marketplace, which was a great opportunity for them to showcase their work and materials:

Active Citizenship Network - ACN

Associação de doentes de dor crónica dos açores - ADDCA


European Brain Council - EBC

European Federation of Neurological Associations - EFNA

European Network of Fibromyalgia Associations - ENFA

European Pain Federation - EFIC

Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) - Pain Care

Pain Alliance Europe - PAE

Sociedad Española Del Dolor - SED


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