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SIP 2018 Steering Committee Meeting

SIP Partners – SIP Platform, Belgium

On 25 October 2018, the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) Steering Committee met in Brussels to discuss the next SIP strategy for 2019 while identifying how to advance SIP.

With 54 participants from all over Europe, the Steering Committee discussed:

  • SIP’s activities in 2018, both on the EU level as well as the tremendous developments the national SIP platforms have achieved;
  • The future EU political landscape to ensure continuity;
  • The 2019 strategy. At the Steering Committee meeting participants agreed to keep engaging nationally, to keep engaging at EU level and to combine the efforts at the next SIP meeting in November 2019.

The SIP platform has attained great success with significant achievements in Brussels and at national level. One important milestone achieved was the recognition of the SIP platform is one of the three topics selected as Thematic Networks program by the European Commission in 2018. The aim of the initiative is to create a Joint Statement that will provide policy recommendations for the European institutions, member states and all relevant stakeholders to tackle the burden of pain on economies, societies and individuals. The Joint Statement will be presented on 12th November to the European Commission.

Keynote speeches were delivered by Stéphane Hogan, Head of sector for neuroscience at the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation, who spoke on the EU’s support for pain Research. Saskia Decuman who is an expert for Research and Development at the Department of Benefits of the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance in Belgium spoke about the challenges Belgium is facing in pain management.

During the day representatives of the SIP national platforms from Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain presented their astonishing progress so far, to inspire and support participants from other countries in their own national SIP efforts. Participants also learned about best practices, including the European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain awarded by Active Citizenship Network and the National Brain Councils by the European Brain Council as example of national platform building. 

Looking forward to next year’s strategy: in 2019, it will be essential to keep in mind the EU political changing environment with a new College of Commissioners, a newly elected European Parliament and national elections in some member states. Thus, it will be important to strongly focus on the important and amazing work done at country level by the national SIPs. To support the national SIPs a toolkit will be developed as well as a video that highlights the societal impact and importance of pain. Furthermore, a “buddy programme” where more experienced SIP leaders will support newer and emerging SIP platforms will be set-up. Thus, it is vital to get the 2019 programme started and continue with this great process.

The detailed report is now available here to read.


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