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SIP 2017 - Key Statement

Pascal Garel – European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE), Belgium

"Promoting good practices, showing how active patient, professionals and researchers are in fighting chronic pain are major driving forces."

Pascal Garel
Chief Executive
European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE)

HOPE joined last year the Active Citizenship Network initiative “European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collecting Good Practices” concluding in Malta on the occasion of this symposium. Healthcare systems are extremely diverse in Europe and they have a lot to gain to share practices and knowledge.

HOPE was created 50 years ago, to promote such exchanges in the field of hospital and healthcare organisation and still does today in various fields including pain.

Pascal Garel is Chief Executive of HOPE (European Hospital and Healthcare Federation). Educated in political science and European law, he became Hospital Manager with the diploma of the French National School of Public Health. Following a twelve-year experience in hospitals, he created the International Department of the French Hospital Federation, worked in French Ministry of Health, and teaches (Paris Dauphine and National School of Public Health).

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