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SIP 2017 - Key Statement

Nicola Bedlington – European Patients Forum, Belgium

"Patients are facing unacceptable barriers to healthcare services, resulting in aggravated health and financial situations. Our campaign on Access will collect patients’ testimonies and call for an EU strategy on the different areas of access based on the recommendations from all relevant parties."

Nicola Bedlington
Secretary General
European Patients Forum

Nicola Bedlington (British, born in Scotland) studied business and HR management in the UK and France. Nicola Bedlington is EPF’s Secretary General since September 2014 and was previously the Executive Director since the setting up of the EPF Secretariat in June 2006.

From 2004 to 2006, she worked for the Swiss Government, leading the Environment and Schools Initiatives Secretariat, an international government-based network set up by OECD focussing on innovation, action research and policy development in the field of Education for Sustainable Development.

She worked as an external expert for the European Commission on disability policy and NGO cooperation and during the 90s was the first Director of the European Disability Forum, an umbrella organisation uniting over 70 European NGOs and National Councils of Disabled People to advocate for the human rights and inclusion of disabled citizens in Europe.