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SIP 2017 - Key Statement & Presentation

Martine Chauvin – Association Francophone pour Vaincre les Douleurs (AFVD), France

"« Living Better with » is : Caring for the person in order to promote his autonomy and his decision-making, throughout his pathway. Taking psychological aspects into account to help people better live their disease. The expert patient is an essential link in therapeutic education."

Martine Chauvin
Founder of AFVD
AFVD - Association Francophone pour Vaincre les Douleurs

Martine Chauvin, founder and administrator of AFVD, Association Francophone pour Vaincre les Douleurs, a patient association for patients, working in partnership with healthcare professionals, created in December 2006 following my personal journey of pain. I have written 2 testimonials:

« Balle de Match » The Mastery of Suffering by
« Jeu Set et Match » The Victory of Neurostimulation

I organized lectures which led me to meet many chronic pain patients, all with different profiles and pathways, but all with one common point: lack of solutions for their pain. I also created blogs, websites.

Thanks to my reconciliation with my pain, I have taken a degree course in Therapeutic Education of the Patient in chronic diseases in order to put to the benefit of others my skills acquired throughout my care path. I work with patients in the pain structures of Niort (79) and Poitiers (86), France, as an “expert patient”. I organize chronic pain patient accompanying clinics with health professionals.

This diploma allowed me to become a jury during the defense of the students of this same course. I am today coordinator of a program “Living Better With” filed with the Regional Health Agency of the region New Aquitaine (France) in March 2017.