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SIP 2017 - Key Statement

Joachim Nadstawek – Schmerzzentrum an der Janker Klinik, Germany

"Practised integrated supply concepts for patients with chronic pain should be transferred to the general supply of those patients to guarantee a real inter/multidisciplinary therapy. Therefore a change of thinking in the health system of Germany is absolutely necessary. Inter/multidisciplinary medicine is the chance for the future and has to be honoured and has to be paid."

Joachim Nadstawek
Schmerzzentrum an der Janker Klinik

Multimodal pain therapy implicates always interdisciplinary treatment of patients. The german health system and the structure of supply make an interdisciplinary cooperation hardly possible because all specialist disciplines work mostly with a tunnel vision for their own. So it might happen, that a patient with unspecific low back pain, who was not seen first of a pain specialist, undergoes several unnecessary surgical procedures, because the system creates the wrong incentives. This procedure has very often no benefit for the patient and creates so a patient with chronic pain. Several integrated supply concepts in the treatment of those patients in Germany could impressive demonstrate, that a inter/multidisciplinary pain therapy helps the patient and avoids in about 80% unnecessary surgical interventions. The health system should be encouraged in promoting these projects and to transfer this kind of treatment in the general supply to stop the so called lone fighters. Interdisciplinary medicine has to be honoured by the health system so that all patients with chronic diseases can have a benefit!