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SIP 2017 - Key Statement & Presentation

Isabelle Macal – Association Francophone pour Vaincre les Douleurs, France

"This patient association works in partnership with people with chronic illnesses, with their entourage and with health professionals in support in the management of pain."

Isabelle Macal
Association Francophone pour Vaincre les Douleurs

Many years of chronic illness and the accompanying pain, encounters with other patients who also lived this daily life, allowed me to mature my reflection about the loss of control, on its existence, that the sick person is going through. On the basis of this observation, I wanted to consider the possibilities open to her to regain a power to act in her life course.

It is on the basis of my experience and through the Therapeutic Education of the Patient (TEP), taking into account the reality of the patient’s experience, his posture as an actor and the alliance with the healthcare team, that I started my training course.
After a university diploma in TEP, then a Bachelor of Science in Education, I continued on a Master TEP Project Engineering.

I am now a framework coordinator in a structure supported by the Regional Health Agency of Brittany. I work with institutional bodies in Public Health and support teams in the construction and implementation of therapeutic education programs.

I developed my training organization and intervened with healthcare professionals wishing to be trained in therapeutic education, either in initial training in university or training institutes for future doctors, nurses, physiotherapists ... or in lifelong learning. This course led me to be a member of the jury in training of Therapeutic Education of the Patient.

The writing of posted papers or oral interventions at various conferences, congresses, allow me to address the approach of the patient, the work in interdisciplinary and the wealth brought in this new care management.

  1. Societal Impact of Pain (SIP)
  2. SIP 2017 - Key Statement & Presentation