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SIP 2017 - Key Statement

Dr. Wolfgang Jaksch – Austrian Pain Society, Austria

"We have to pool all our forces and to act in concert to reach our objective: A nationwide coverage of high quality pain management, which meets international criteria!"

Dr. Wolfgang Jaksch
President (until May 2017), afterwards Past President
Austrian Pain Society

The supply of care for approx. 1.8 million Austrians with chronic pain is not guaranteed due to lack of a comprehensive demand planning of pain care facilities. One of the most important issues to set up a multi-stage concept in pain care is quality assurance. We need a high qualification of the health care providers in pain care and on the other hand clear quality criteria and classification of management facilities.

Under the patronage of the Austrian Pain Society, various national specialist societies have defined the structure and quality criteria for pain management centers in Austria, include, among others, proof of training, cooperation in interdisciplinary teams or minimum number of new patients per year, depending on the different classification of the institution.

This stepwise concept of care provision for pain patients is intended as first step to help improve the care of pain patients in Austria!

Dr. Wolfgang Jaksch is

  • Diplomand of the European Acadamy of Anaesthesiology
  • President of the Austrian Pain Society until May of 2017
  • Member of the scientific board of the No Pain Foundation
  • Head of Pain Medicine – Acute Pain Service, Department of Anaesthesiology, Wilhelminenspital, Vienna