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SIP 2017 - Key Statement & Presentation

Dr. Rodrigue Deleens – University Hospital, France

"The therapeutic education of patients is a challenge, let’s work together to improve the management of chronic pain and the quality of life for patients!"

Dr. Rodrigue Deleens
University Hospital

Dr. Rodrigue Deleens is a pain specialist practicing at the University Hospital of Rouen (Normandy) and Cochin (Paris).

After training in general medicine, he worked in China and Myanmar before starting his career in the management of chronic pain in public hospital in France. He is trained in the management of chronic pain, palliative care, child pain and therapeutic education of patients. He is involved in many activities to promote the fight against pain: organization of the first Franco-Chinese exchanges of pain at the 2010 Universal Exhibition in Shanghai, member of the French Society for the Study and Treatment of Pain, coordinator of a pain news site and a member of several scientific groups.

Interested in therapeutic patient education, he collaborates actively with several patient associations, including the AFVD, to improve the programs implemented as well as the policies promoting these programs. He participates in teaching, clinical research and therapeutic education programs in Rouen and Paris.

Therapeutic education is a modern approach to pain medicine and it involves paradigm shifts for caregivers and patients.

Enabling the greatest number of people to benefit from it is a major current challenge, public health policies must go in this direction, and in order to do so, collaboration with patient associations is essential. Working together from the development to the animation of workshops and evaluating impacts on the quality of life of the patients being followed are the main points of our actions to be carried out.

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  2. SIP 2017 - Key Statement & Presentation