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SIP 2017 - Key Statement

Dr. Mario Grixti – Department of Primary Care Malta, Malta

Dr. Mario Grixti
Spec in Palliative Medicine, Spec in Family Medicine
Department of Primary care

Impact of Pain in Maltese Citizens

The Primary objective of this research is to collect data about chronic and severe pain in Malta. The burden of pain in Malta will be characterized by collection of Quantitative data about severity and burden of pain will be collected by using certified questionnaires SF-36v2 1. The collected data will serve as a baseline measure to assess the current quality of pain care and to assess the socio-economic burden of pain in Malta; The outcome will be used to convince policy makers and other decision makers to ensure an adequate pain care and to improve the situation of the patients as needed.

Having worked in oncology and palliative medicine for twelve years in secondary care, I am now directing my efforts to address the accessibility of patients with chronic pain to therapeutic interventions at primary care level. It is imperative that in Malta we start by gathering quantitative data on severity and accessibility of the population to therapy clinics and to patient outcomes and needs. At present ,this data is lacking and until such a study is carried out one cannot properly quantify the social impact and economic burden of pain in Malta and address patients needs.

  1. Societal Impact of Pain (SIP)
  2. SIP 2017 - Key Statement