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SIP 2017 - Key Statement

Dr. Doeke Keizer – Huisartsenpraktijk Het Homeer Transcare-pain, Netherlands

SIP 2017 - Key Statement
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"It is my strong belief that people with chronic pain deserve better healthcare, outside the hospital walls. In order to achieve this goal, healthcare professionals need to co-operate on a structural basis. Such co-operation should be financially stimulated by the authorities and healthcare providers."

Dr. Doeke Keizer
General Practitioner
Huisartsenpraktijk Het Homeer Transcare-pain

Dr. Doeke Keizer is general practitioner in the small town ‘Harkema’, in Friesland (The Netherlands). He has a broad experience with working as a doctor in a multidisciplinary setting at the Pain Center of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), where he obtained his PhD in 2009. Doeke Keizer has published in leading national and international journals and (co-)authored three books on the subject of pain. On behalf of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG), he participated in the two taskforce groups that established national guidelines for the management of pain in the Netherlands.

In 2011, he was one of the founders of Transcare-pain (TP); a co-operation of healthcare professionals that aims to improve the care for patients with chronic pain. The Transcaremethod is evidence-based, and in its view every type of pain needs integrated bio-psychosocial diagnosis and treatment. The TP-method turned out to be successful, and other Transcare-teams have been implemented in the North of the Netherlands throughout the last two years.

Doeke Keizer’s presentation will be about this Transcare-pain co-operation. Does it work and how does it work? What is needed to co-operate adequately? How is it funded? What are the pitfalls?

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