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SIP 2017 - Presentation & Statement

Dr. Antonella Cardone – Fit for Work, United Kingdom

"Good work, which is work that is fulfilling, promotes health and is productive, is an essential part of our life. Along with volunteering, hobbies, friends, faith, and family, good work gives us a sense of purpose. Working with pain can be a challenge and has a high impact on productivity at the workplace both in terms of absenteeism (lost workdays) and presenteeism (reduced performance while at work)."

Dr. Antonella Cardone
Executive Director
Fit for Work

Antonella Cardone is Executive Director of the Fit for Work Global Alliance (FfW GA). The FfW GA is a multi-stakeholder coalition championing change in health and work policy and practice, to benefit people with chronic health conditions. For over a decade, the FfW GA, led by The Work Foundation (Lancaster University, UK), has driven change for better lives worldwide.

Prior to joining the FfW GA, Antonella Cardone was Director of the Global Smokefree Partnership of the American Cancer Society, leading a movement of over 100 organisations in support of the development of smokefree laws in 40 countries. She has managed over 30 large EU projects, involving many organisations across all EU member states, in sectors such as health, employment, social inclusion, human rights, education, training and urban regeneration. Ms Cardone has also led, among others, projects at the World Heart Federation, The International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, and the European League Against Rheumatism.

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  2. SIP 2017 - Presentation & Statement