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SIP Partners, Belgium

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In the year of its 10th Anniversary the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) platform is organising the eigtht International Symposium on 7th November 2019 (from 9:00-17:00) in Brussels in the Concert Noble which is in the European Quarter of Brussels. 

The Symposium will have three main objectives

  1. Working towards the implementation of the recommendations of the SIP Joint Statement, considering the updated European political landscape and what it means for SIP
  2. Strengthening existing SIP national platforms while laying the foundation for new ones
  3. Bringing national and international stakeholders together to connect and create synergies

Plenary sessions will be arranged to discuss the recommended policy actions of the four key areas of the SIP Joint Statement (health indicators, research, employment and education) with the newly elected European politicians.

During the lunch break, guided poster tours will be arranged to present activities and achievements from SIP national platforms and to show other SIP-related initiatives. SIP endorsing organisations will have the opportunity to present their work in the exhibition area during the breaks.

On the day before the SIP Symposium, a Pain Alliance Europe Workshop will take place at the Conference Centre of EU Thon Hotel in Brussels. The objective of this workshop is to identify the issues whch lead to stigma in the area of pain and find solutions to improve quality of life of patients. Ideally the workshop will lead to ideas for further proposals to apply for the Brain Mind and Pain (BMP) patient-centered innovation grant "Stop Stigma!" which is still possible until 31 December 2019.

Also on 6th November 2019 (starting at 19:00) the Active Citizenship Network will arrange the ceremony for the “European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collecting Good Practices (2nd edition)" where the winners of the award will be announced. All SIP participants are invited to join this welcome reception which will take place in the Concert Noble as well.

The SIP 2019 Symposium will be managed by R-Events on behalf of Grünenthal, which is responsible for logistics and providing financial support.

Registration is now open!


You are invited to submit a request for a poster presentation at SIP 2019. Contributions should be strictly non-promotional and related to the SIP objectives. EFIC will assess all submission on relation to the societal impact of pain. You find the objectives of SIP here. A response will be sent back if your initiative has been selected for poster presentation.

Looking forward to welcome you at SIP 2019!

Look at the Impressions from the SIP Symposium 2016 and SIP Symposium 2017 to get excited what you can expect at SIP 2019 in Brussels.

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