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Pre-Symposium - The Societal Impact of Pain in Malta

Pre-Symposium - The Societal Impact of Pain in Malta
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The 7thannual Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) symposium started in Valletta with an opening workshop in which the impact of pain on the Maltese society was discussed. In Europe, more than 100 million people are affected by chronic pain. Naturally, this is also an issue for Malta. Initiated by SIP Malta, Malta Health Network and the No Pain Foundation, participants outlined how various Maltese organizations, which are engaged in improving health care, collaborated to address the issue of chronic pain. The developed consensus paper for chronic pain asks national policy makers to adopt nine policy recommendations throughout Malta as part of a National Pain Plan by 2020.

The participants call for restructured Maltese pain management policies and services that are more streamlined towards European guidelines. Moreover, local authorities should put greater focus on retraining and reintegration of pain patients into the workforce since it not only poses economic benefits but also improves social advantages on an individual level. Finally, a chronic pain prevention campaign is being encouraged to raise awareness for persistent pain.

The recommendations build upon the Maltese Presidency of the EU Council’s theme of structured cooperation between health care systems, which is also the theme for this year’s SIP symposium. The event will be attended by more than 300 participants, including healthcare professionals, pain advocacy groups, researchers and specialists in the field of pain as well as insurers, budget holders and European politicians. It will conclude on Friday, June 9, where concrete policy recommendations will be presented.


Speaker: Nicola Bedlington, Neil Betteridge, Gertrude A. Buttigieg, Antoinette Calleja, Neville Calleja, Matthew Camilleri, Chris Caruana, Marylin Casha, Samolsky Dekel, Silvana Fanalista, Michael von Fisenne, Boaz Gedaliahu, Joop van Griensven, Mario Grixti, Lars Joensson, Brian Kennedy, Sam Kynman, Mauro Mario, Victoria Massalha, Pete Moore, William Raffaeli, Narinder Rawal, Paloma Temiño de Dios, Christopher Vella, Mariano Votta, Chris Wells

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