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National Initiatives Malta: Launch of PainToolkit

The PainToolkit,, provides relevant information and materials for people who live with persistent pain and for healthcare teams who support them. Pete Moore as the initiator of the PainToolkit has been invited by the Malta Health Network to hold several interactive workshops with patients as well as with healthcare professionals from Malta. The corresponding booklet is already available in multiple languages and has now been translated as well into Maltese with the endorsement and active involvement of the Ministry of Health in Malta. On the 28thof October Chris Fearne the Maltese Health Minister and several members of his ministry have attended a conference to officially launch the PainToolkit on Malta.On behalf of the SIP platform, Gudula Petersen from Grünenthal has taken the chance during this conference to personally invite Chris Fearne to attend the SIP 2017 Symposium on June 8-9 in Malta. SIP 2017 will take place under the EU presidency on Malta and with financial support of the Maltese Ministry for Finance.

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  2. National Initiatives Malta: Launch of PainToolkit