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National Initiatives Italy: New booklet "In-Dolore"

National Initiatives Italy: New booklet

New booklet "In-Dolore" for chronic pain patients

This 32-page practical guide is published by the Italian organization “Cittadinanzattiva” to provide all the necessary information to face pain.

This campaign is carried out by Cittadinanzattiva, the Italian foundation ISAL and the German pharmaceutical company Grünenthal and was additionally developed with the most important scientific societies and associations under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health. This practical guide, adjusted to citizens needs, explains:

  • how to manage pain
  • where to find information
  • what the citizens have the right to ask in terms of pain care and
  • enlighten citizens on therapeutic treatment options and
  • discredit the legend that opioids or morphine-based products are dangerous.
  1. Societal Impact of Pain (SIP)
  2. National Initiatives Italy: New booklet "In-Dolore"