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National Initiatives Italy: European Day against Pain

Since 2011, ISAL Foundation organizes the National Day against Pain in Italy. This year, with the agreement of important cities in Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, this important event has reached a continental dimension becoming the European Day against Pain.

This is a very important step that significantly intensifies ISAL Foundation relationships with the world, underling the necessity to create an even stronger network in the territory with an increasing number of different experiences.

This represents also the concrete start point for the realization of the 1st Chronic Pain Research and Therapy European Institute.

For more information on the European Day against Pain, please have a look into the flyer or the website of Fondazione ISAL. Please also read the flyer on the first chronic pain call centre.


  1. Societal Impact of Pain (SIP)
  2. National Initiatives Italy: European Day against Pain