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First Seminar to launch SIP Finland

Finnish Pain Association, Finland

Societal impact of chronic pain gathered health care professionals, decision makers and patients: ”Never talk about us without us!”

Finland is the 8th country in Europe to launch the “Societal Impact of Pain” (SIP) platform. The kick-off seminar was held in November 29th, 2019 in Helsinki. SIP is an international platform that provides opportunities for discussion for health care professionals, pain advocacy groups, politicians, healthcare insurance providers, representatives of health authorities, regulators and budget holders in European countries. SIP FIN seminar was organized by Finnish Pain Association, Finnish Musculoskeletal Association TULE and Finnish Association for the Study of Pain.

“SIP is a true collaboration between patients and professionals,” says Liisa Jutila, Vice President of Pain Alliance Europe. “The purpose of the action is to raise public awareness and debate about the impact of chronic pain on individuals, families, work and society. Change is only possible with true cooperation.”

"Legislators and decision-makers need to understand the enormous cost of chronic pain on the society. They need to start making decisions which will improve the availability and quality of pain care, and also improve the pain patients’ possibilities to continue working" says Dr. Helena Miranda from the Finnish Association for the Study of Pain.

The seminar provided both scientific evidence and practical perspectives on the topics of children’s and adolescents‘ pain, adult rehabilitation as well as the participating in working life with chronic pain. In addition to the pain experts, patients’ representation was strongly present. " Prolonged pain is at least as, if not more, common in children and adolescents compared to the adults. Still, the resources for treatment are inadequate," says Minna Ståhl, Medical Doctor specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in children. "Children's long-lasting pain can often be completely cured, but it often requires a skillful multidisciplinary team."

Member of the European Parliament Sirpa Pietikäinen presented her 10-item statement on reducing the effects of chronic pain on the national and EU level. Pietikäinen emphasized the importance of raising awareness of chronic pain in workplaces. Pietikäinen suggested a new European reference centre, which would gather information on chronic pain and its effective treatment and support. The centre would help establish professional and patient networks between European countries.

” We continue working within SIP framework. We need funding and support to promote awareness and initiate concrete action. Next year we will make pain even more visible and we will actively approach decision-makers. The special theme for the next year will be the pain among the people 55 years or older”, says Managing Director Marja Kinnunen from the Finnish Musculoskeletal Association.”

More information: Managing Director, Finnish Pain Association, Kaisa Hirn,

Evidence based treatment and innovative patient centered treatment approach:

Dr. Helena Miranda,

Living with chronic pain in Finland and Europe:

Vice President Liisa Jutila,

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