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Chronic Pain becomes Priority in Spain

Spanish Ministry of Health acknowledges Chronic Pain as one out of 4 main topics for its national strategy for addressing chronic diseases.

On 16th October the Spanish Ministry of Health has published its Strategy for addressing Chronic Diseases (“Estrategia para el Abordaje de la Cronicidad en el Sistema Nacional de Salud”).

The concept had been previously approved by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (“Consejo Interterritorial del Sistema Nacional de Salud”) on 27 June 2012.

Aim of the new strategy is to set goals and recommendations that will effectively manage health service deliveries to improve population’s health and its determinants, strengthen prevention of health conditions and reduce limitations in chronic and comprehensive care. The concept describes four main pillars on which the strategy for chronicity is based on:

  • Stratification of Patients
  • Quality indicators in Health Care
  • National network of schools for patients
  • Improvement of the chronic pain approach

The Strategy was presented at the Ministry of Health in a event opened by Ms. Pilar Farjas (General Secretary for Health), and moderated by Ms. Mercedes Vinuesa (General Director of Public Health and Quality at the MoH) and Ms. Sonia García San José (Deputy Director of Quality and Cohesion at the MoH).


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  2. Chronic Pain becomes Priority in Spain