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Integration of SIP in EU Health Policy Platform

Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General for Health and Food Safety in the European Commission, announced at the SIP 2017 Symposium in June in Malta that the European Commission is following SIP’s lead and has launched the EU Health Policy Platform where the societal impact of pain is included as a topic for an ‘Expert Group’.

We have asked Sam Kynman, Executive Director of the European Pain Federation EFIC, about the relevance of this new platform for the SIP initiative.


What is the EU Health Policy Platform?

The EU Health Policy Platform is the European Commission’s main source of consultation with civil society organisations and experts on health policy. When the European Commission is considering new laws or policies, it consults with different stakeholders. It also seeks advice from stakeholders on where it should act.


Why is this platform relevant for the SIP initiative?

The Health Policy Platform is composed of various Expert Groups and Networks. The European Commission granted us a huge opportunity by dedicating one of these Expert Groups to the ‘social impact of pain’. We want to capitalize on this direct access to European Commission officials, and to concentrate our advocacy work in this forum. Through the SIP platform we have done and said a lot in the past, but now we need to refocus on this Expert Group and show the European Commission we mean business.


What will be the next steps to launch the EU Health Platform?

We have been working behind the scenes to prepare the Expert Group, by creating folders to coordinate discussion and output. We will provide further guidance for members of the Expert Group, but really we want people to feel free to contribute in their own way. The key now is to get our wide circle of friends, allies and experts to join the Expert Group and help make it a success.


Thanks a lot and we are looking forward to hear more about the progress of the EU Health Policy Platform soon!


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