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The European Pain Federation is recruiting!

Vittoria Carraro – European Pain Federation EFIC, Belgium

The European Pain Federation is recruiting!

The European Pain Federation EFIC has decided to reorganise its various committees and task forces with a greater emphasis on seeking volunteers.  As such, the Federation would like experts on the social, economic and personal impact of pain to put themselves forward and help them increase the impact of their work and bring the pain community closer together.

Why volunteering?

  1. To elevate the profile of pain medicine and pain specialists within healthcare Systems
  2. To improve the lives of patients through greater education, research and political advocacy
  3. To gain new skills and to take on new responsibilities within an international Organisation

Who is the European Pain Federation looking for?

With this call,  the European Pain Federation EFIC is reaching out to members of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) chapters, both within and beyond Europe, and any other pain experts interested in supporting the Federation’s work in the field of pain advocacy, research and education.

How to get involved?

Please complete the ‘declaration of interest’ form that you find here and write directly to or complete the form on the European Pain Federation EFIC website  The identification of new committee and working group chairs will begin to be implemented by the 1st December 2017, so please try to apply by that date. Additional volunteers will be also sought in early 2018.

More information can also be found here