SIP 2017

Brussels / Valetta, May 18, 2017

SIP 2017

Pain causes a problem for individuals as well as a challenge for healthcare systems, economies and society: each year, approximately one in five Europeans or 20 percent of the adult population in Europe are affected by chronic pain (1). This includes 153 million people suffering migraine or other disabling headaches, 200 million musculoskeletal disorders and 100 million people experiencing other forms of chronic pain (2). The estimated direct and indirect healthcare costs for chronic pain disorders in European Member States vary between two and three percent of GDP across the EU (3) (4). For 2016, this estimate would result in up to 441 billion Euros (5). Therefore, in advance of the Societal Impact of Pain symposium, experts in pain care call upon European and national policymakers to improve pain care policies and boost the productivity of the European workforce.

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