SIP 2013 Focus Groups for concrete policy outcomes

After three SIP Symposia, this year’s SIP Focus Groups will concentrate on two topics for generating concrete policy instruments and improving chronic pain management in Europe

Brussels/Belgium, 06 March, 2013. This year the European, multi-stakeholder platform “Societal Impact of Pain” (SIP) will organise their annual meeting in the form of SIP 2013 Focus Groups, which will be hosted in the EU Economic & Social Committee and the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium on 14-15 May. The aim of the SIP Platform is to raise awareness of the impact of chronic pain, to exchange information and share best-practices across the European Union and to develop and foster policy strategies and activities to improve pain care in Europe. After three European symposia in 2010-2012, the SIP Programme Committee has decided to concentrate on two topics to generate concrete policy instruments for Europe and its Member States: While SIP Focus Group 1 (14 May) will develop “SIP Recommendations” for a European set of quality indicators for chronic non-malignant pain management, SIP Focus Group 2 (15 May) will stress the correlation of chronic pain and the reduction or loss of work productivity and the workforce, respectively, and will generate a “SIP Proposal for Action” on EU best practices for reintegrating chronic pain patients back into their working environment. Registration link is available at

The topics of the SIP Focus Groups as selected by the SIP Programme Committee are closely related to one of the seven policy dimensions of the SIP Road Map for Action. The Road Map was a key result from SIP 2011 symposium outlining seven policy dimensions on how the EU institutions and member states can effectively address the societal impact of pain at EU level. The Focus Groups will provide a forum for inspirational key note presentations and in-depth plenary discussion.

Professor Hans Georg Kress, President of the European Federation of IASP® Chapters (EFIC®), explains the background: “It is important to make chronic pain visible as a medical, economical and societal disease. Chronic pain has a big influence on someone’s daily life, working life and family life. We want to make sure that politicians and policy-makers in Europe and in the Member States are aware of the societal impact of chronic pain. Therefore, the outcomes of both Focus Groups shall give concrete suggestions on how we can effectively change pain management and thus improve the quality of life for our patients.”

Here you can find the complete EU SIP 2013 Press Release.
Please find here the Spanish Press Release (Impacto Social del Dolor: Grupos de Discusión SIP 2013 para concretar soluciones políticas).
Please find here the Portuguese Press Release (Especialistas pretendem criar instrumentos políticos europeus para melhorar a gestão da dor).
Please find here the German Press Release (Societal Impact of Pain: SIP Fokusgruppen 2013 für konkrete politische Maßnahmen).
Please find here the French Press Release (Impact sociétal de la douleur: groupes de réflexion du SIP 2013 pour des solutions politiques concrètes).
Please find here the Italian Press Release (SIP (Societal Impact of Pain) 2013: Focus Group finalizzati a risultati politici concreti).

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