Chronic Pain as Disease – Politics or Science?

International multi-stakeholder platform to discuss the position of chronic pain amongst chronic diseases : 3rd European symposium on the “Societal Impact of Pain” (SIP) taking place during Danish EU Presidency in Copenhagen

Brussels, 20 March, 2012. The 3rd European symposium on the “Societal Impact of Pain” (SIP 2012) will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 29-31 May. On the occasion of the Danish EU Presidency, more than 300 stakeholders from across Europe will come together to continue raising awareness on the societal impact of pain, exchanging national best practices of pain care policy projects and fostering the EU-wide implementation of the “Road Map for Action”, the action plan and key result from the 2nd SIP symposium, which took place in the EU Parliament in Brussels in 2011.

An important outcome of SIP 2011 in the European Parliament was the “Road Map for Action”, which outlines seven key policy dimensions on how the EU institutions and member states could effectively address the societal impact of pain at both EU and national levels. The national and supranational implementation of the SIP Road Map for Action will be a central theme for discussion at SIP 2012.

Read the full SIP 2012 March press release. 
Please find here the Spanish translation (Dolor crónico como enfermedad -  Política o ciencia?)
Please find here the Italian translation (Il dolore cronico come malattia: problema di scienza o di politica?)
Please find here the German translation (Chronischer Schmerz - eigentständige Krankheit oder ökonomische Herausforderung?)
Please find here the Portugese translation (Impacto social da dor crónica preocupa especialistas)

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