National Initiatives Denmark

In this section, national initiatives which have been set up in Denmark can be found.

Oct 2012: Danish Government funds 67 million DKK for pain management

On 25 October the Danish Government published the distribution of future public fundings in the health care sector:  67 million DKK (9 million €) have been earmarked for the pain area between 2013-2016. Following this period, additional 15 million will be put aside each year.

The political parties allocating the budgets have agreed on raising the bar of the pain area in order to ensure better and more effective treatment. In this way one expects better pain treatment at an earlier stage. The government’s decision is expected to prevent the often seen worsening – or even “chronification” - of the pain conditions and - consequently - the persistent need for pain medications. 

More specifically, the ring-fenced money will be used for additional education of GPs raising their qualifications in the pain therapy area. Moreover, the money will be spend on raising the capacity of multi-disciplinary pain clinics and thus reduce waiting time. The cooperation between GPs and pain clinics will also be addressed.

The official press release (Danish) you can find on the Government website.The final agreement (Danish) you can find here.

Feb 2012: Epidemiology of Chronic Pain in Denmark & Sweden

To obtain epidemiological data on chronic pain in Denmark and Sweden, a literature review of epidemiological data on primarily chronic noncancer pain was conducted. The report is written by Julie Harker et al in February 2012 and has been published by the Hindawi Publishing Corperation. The report can also be found below.

Full Report

Dec 2011: Report by DK Institute for Health Services Research

"Socio-economic Consequences of Pain-Intensive Diseases in Denmark"

The report "Socio-economic Consequences of Pain-Intensive Diseases in Denmark", published in Denmark, December 2011 by the Danish Institute for Health Services Research, summarizes the findings of a study on 1.9 million pain patients in Denmark and is based on a comprehensive set of data from different Danish registries. This data was gathered in a period of 11 years (1998-2008). Patterns of health care consumption, health care costs and socio-economic factors for the patients are being discussed in the report.

Full Report

07 December 2011: Danish Fact Book on Pain

Final report

The final report of the Danish Fact Book on Pain "Socio-economic Consequences of Pain-Intensive Diseases in Denmark" by Jan Christensen, Lone Bild og Anders Gustavsson was published on 7 December 2011. On the website of the Dansk Sundhedsinstitut (Danish Health Institute) you will get to the Fact Book abstract.