Resolution of the Regional Council of the region Marche

Pain relief acute-primary care net (´Ospedale-territorio senya dolore´) - Piloting a new care model

Lucia Di Furia, Luigi Nardi, Alfredo Fogliardi, Fabio Izzicupo, Claudio Caputi, Vincenzo Firetto, Fulvio Borromei, Edoardo Berselli.

The project aims to developing a care model which is able to guarantee, within the hospitals of the Marche Region, both a systematic and uniform detection of pain by the health professional involved (ability to methodically detect pain, ability to understand the level of pain) and consequently,  when necessary, the administration of the appropriate and efficacious analgesic treatment. The health professionals observe and document the level of pain of the patient, as the V vital parameter, using a standardised tool, validated to evaluate the intensity of pain.

In order to do this the project involves a methodological-managed and clinical-care study to be piloted in a so called “Area Vasta”, a well-defined area, which is representative of the critical points and the opportunities of our local healthcare system. Following evaluation of the pilot project, the necessary modifications will be made, before extending the operating system in the entire regional area. The re-organisation and systematization of the current offer of services could guarantee easier access to the current health services, in particular reinforcing the pool of services for adults (and children) in the area.

A new organisational model embedded in the area, will be developed. The level of care will be divided into three complementary sectors: the reference pain treatment centres (HUB), the outpatient analgesic treatment centre (SPOKE), and the GP surgeries.

The project “Ospedale-Territorio senza Dolore” aims at improving the quality of life of patients who need any kind of treatment and who are in pain; the project gets its realisation in controlling pain, which is often associated to other symptoms. It includes the take-off of procedure pain management protocols for adults and children within the hospital.

The need to safeguard both adult and children patients forces the Region to define a project which will identify an organisational pathway able to improve pain relief treatment both in acute and especially in primary care.

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