SIP Website Relaunch

The Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) website is being relaunched ahead of the SIP 2017 symposium  The new website includes several new and innovative features to increase usability and awareness amongst the SIP stakeholders and beyond. The SIP “Endorser” and “Initiatives” are now easy to find with an interactive map of Europe to share best practices and facilitate collaboration and exchange between the organisations. In addition, a MEDIA database has been established to support search for specific content and materials which have been collected since the beginning of the SIP platform in 2009. Please contact if you have problems to find specific materials or information from the previous SIP website.

The SIP platform thanks the team from the agency 1601 for their engagement and the professional work to be ready just before SIP 2017.


SIP Website Relaunch 05/31/2017 SIP platform

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