Northern Ireland Parliamentary Questions on Pain Management answered

Tabled by Mr. Mark Durhan

Mr. Mark Durham is from the Social Democratic and Labour Party in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Several Parliamentary Questions that were tabled by him have now been answered. The questions and the answers can be read below.

Question AQW 10133/11-15 tabled on 27-3: To ask the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety what steps he intends to take to improve education and traning for healthcare professionals in pain management.

Specific training in pain management in undergraduate and postgraduate education programmes is carried out across the range of healthcare professions. The training provided is subject to regular review and updated as necessary in line with emerging technologies.

Question AQW 9898/11-15 tabled on 21-3: To ask the Minister for Social Development how many people are currently in receipt of Disability Living Allowance because they suffer from chronic pain.

The information requested is not held by my Department. Entitlement to Disability Living Allowance is not based on a medical condition or illness but assessment of how much help someone needs with personal care and/or mobility needs because of their disability.

Question AQW 9900/11-15 tabled on 21-3: To ask the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety for his assessment of the sustained increase in the number of hospital admissions for pain management in the last ten years.

A number of specialist pain management clinics are provided by the HSC Trusts and GPs can refer patients to these clinics where they feel that their current pain management treatment is proving ineffective.
“Transforming Your Care” the report of the HSC Review, acknowledges the increasing prevalence of long term conditions in Northern Ireland such as chronic pain and sets out a series of proposals for improving services, including partnership working with patients to enable greater self-care and prevention, personalised care pathways and integration of services across the community, primary and secondary care settings.
The Department has developed a policy framework for adults living with long term conditions. The framework will support commissioners and providers in developing and improving services. It is also intended to be a useful source of reference for people who live with long term conditions, setting out the services they and their carers should expect.
The policy framework will be launched in April 2012.

All questions and answers can be read online here at the website of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

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