New Projects "Pijnpatiënten naar één stem" for 2013

A guideline for Chronic Pain, in collaboration with the Dutch Pain Society

Partnership “Pijnpatiënten naar één stem (“~Pain patients with one voice”) raises the voices of patients during meetings and conversations with care providers, the (pharmaceutical) industry, healthcare insurances, politicians and the government.

During the next few years the Partnership “Pijnpatiënten naar één stem” and the Dutch Pain Society will collaborate to create a guideline Chronic Pain. In the framework of the so-called voucher subsidy from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the partnership “Pijnpatiënten naar één stem” will gather, disclose and introduce knowledge out of experiences into further developments to improve pain care. The recognition of chronic pain as “a disease in its own right” is a shared objective on European level.

Chronic Pain was placed in the Top 20 of patientorganisations of the “Kwaliteitinstituut (KI)” (“Quality Institute”), therefore Chronic pain is now one of the ten topics of the meetings with treatment providers and patients. These meetings will be organized by the KI. The partnership hopes the Institute will bring forth chronic pain prevention and treatment in general quality management.

Another project is the “Project group Knowledge by Experience” (Projectgroep Ervaringskennis). This group combines the knowlegde of candidates of four different organisations (Alvleeskliervereniging Nederland, Nederlandse Vereniging van Hoofdpijnpatiënten, Stichting Pijn-Hoop, Whiplash Stichting Nederland). The Chair of this group is Anne Stornebrink (Dwarsleasie Organisatie Nederland). Duties for 2013 are the development of a questionnaire, database and analysis model. With the questionnaire the group wants to expand the research by Nivel and Vilans, which were done in the framework of the project “Zicht op pijn” (“~A view on Pain”).

For more information, please have a look into the (dutch) Status Report or the website of "Pijnpatiënten naar één stem".

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