Living Longer, Living Well: How we can achieve the World Health Organisation’s “25 by 25” goals in the UK

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set 25 key targets which it aims to achieve by 2025 (25 by 25), to which many European governments have signed up to. Tackling preventable health conditions is one of the biggest challenges of our time. These conditions severely impact our ability to live a full life and contribute fully to society, the targets from the WHO look at how preventable diseases can be reduced to achieve better health outcomes for the population.

The UK group of charities known as the Richmond Group of Charities have compiled a report on how the UK needs to improve efforts to achieve the 25 by 25 targets set by the WHO. In this report it highlights that; “In the UK, 10 million people live with long-term painful conditions of their joints, spine, bones or muscles. Each year 20% of the population sees a GP about a musculoskeletal problem”. The report goes on to say that “many people live with long term preventable conditions that cause serious pain or disability, and can undermine people’s ability to work, volunteer or otherwise lead a fulfilling life”.

The UK government has committed to the WHO targets, but all EU governments need to get involved to ensure that across the EU we achieve reduction in long term pain and disability from preventable diseases and allow people to live longer and live well.

This summary has been compiled by the SIP team. The full report is available on the website of the Richmond Group.

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