Launch of a new Survey on Stigma related to Chronic Pain

One of the main “fights” Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) is leading is for the pain patient to be heard, believed and understood. The most recent survey developed by Pain Alliance Europe is a concrete action to contribute to the change of perception society holds regarding the patients affected by chronic pain.

The 2019 Survey edition attempts to define better, through the eye of patients, the perceptions and manifestations of stigma related to chronic pain, in order to raise awareness of the burden it represents. We hope the results will help all of us be more mindful and reduce our own contribution to this burden.

The survey is translated in 14 languages and will be open until the 1st of March, 2019.

PAE calls on peer organisations and patients concerned with pain to contribute to the dissemination of the survey, sharing the most appropriate of the Survey’s translations below to anyone concerned who would like to share this aspect of their journey of dealing with pain.

You can take the Survey here!

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