1st national SIP steering group meeting in Switzerland

The impact of SIP 2011 a "Road Map for Action" on Switzerland

Following the successful 2nd SIP Symposium in the EU Parliament in Brussels last year, Professor Eli Alon, President of the Swiss Association for the Study of Pain (SGSS), held a press conference in Zurich 16.07.2011 where he informed about the “Road Map for Action” and its seven policy dimensions for an improved pain care in Europe.[

According to dimension No 6, which calls for the development of national SIP platforms in the European Member States, a first Swiss SIP steering group meeting took place in Zurich on 6 September 2012.

15 stakeholders from medicine, politics, academia and the health system were invited to a brainstorming meeting and for deep discussion on chronic pain treatment in Switzerland. Professor Kress, President of EFIC®, gave an overview of the last three SIP Symposia from 2010 to 2012 and the aims of European platform.

Key Outcomes:

  • The first and most important topic in Switzerland is the fact that there is no title or diploma for doctors who are specialists for pain diagnosis and treatment. Since several years the goal of the SGSS has been to achieve an official status as pain specialist. The discussion during this meeting showed that the topic is still of utmost relevance for all stakeholders.
  • The second topic was about “best practice”: On the one hand the quality of pain therapists has to be built (medical education at universities) and maintained (quality control, credits, etc.); on the other hand clear treatment guidelines have to be defined.
  • The third topic was “pain research”. At the moment over 50 groups do research on pain therapy; in addition there is an alliance of four Swiss university clinics which coordinates studies at this level. The aim of the SGSS in the future will be to be involved in choosing research-topics to improve the general knowledge in pain disorders and treatment possibilities.

Further ideas and topics were discussed. The second follow-up Swiss SIP steering group meeting is planned for spring 2013.

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